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Sori V
Dr. Drew & Mrs.Pinksky
A Special Thanks To All The people that Helped
Make This A Reality:
A story told by the cupcakes themselves:
Lady in Red Puckered Up to engage in Monkey Business while being Nutty but
Nice, while Vixen Vanilla and Pleasing Pumpkin got up to some Hanky-Panky
Pineapple Coconut, screaming Oooo La-La.  The Teasing Temptress was Silky
Smooth but the Very Necessary ChocoBerry simply said Orange You Glad You’re who will get the Bling Bling Karat Cake? After all We Don’t Mess with
Temptations Cupcakes™ customizes
cupcakes, cakes, & many other indulgences
for you in elegant ribbon with an assortment
of colors for cupcake containers, cake boxes,
and gift baskets.
213.255.KISS (5477)
All rights reserved.
Dr. Drew & Naz
Naz K aka Cupcake Girl
Want It Delivered?
Call 213.255.KISS(5477)
1 - 2 week notice generally
required on weddings/events
(subject to availability)
Temptations Cupcakes
Cupcakes, Cakes, & So Much More!
Cupcakes, Cakes, & So Much More!